Infolinks Related Tags: Customize Size, Color

The Infolinks Related Tags, launched in mid-August 2010, is the coolest innovation the leading in-text advertising network did so far. Indeed, it has increased our daily revenue by 30% based on a 1-week evaluation period. We expect it to boost further in the coming days.

The feature is so fast and easy to install. It took us less than 10 seconds to place a line of code above the blog posts and the footer.

TagWhat we like best with Infolinks Related Tags feature is that it compliments our site. The tags look like they were customized to really match the color and design. Lucky for us, the standard option fits in.

But what about those blogs with dark background and narrow or large sections? This is where Infolinks Related Tags' limitation gets in.

Although it automatically adjusts the size lengthwise, there's no way the color of the tags as well as the top and bottom borders can be changed.

An option to customize the color and size of Infolinks Related Tags feature (or widget which sounds more appropriate) should be rolled out.

Interestingly, Infolinks already anticipated this demand. The company has answers to frequently asked questions like this one:
Can I change the color and size of the Related Tags?

As this is the first version of the Related Tags feature, the color and size of the Related Tags are standard. In future versions we plan to offer the option to customize.
Check out the other FAQs here.

It's a welcome development! Like other webmasters and bloggers, we are also excited to use the enhanced version.

Updated 3 September, 2010.