Google Docs Activates Auto-Link Detection

To make typing of links in Google documents faster, the search giant has rolled out some new features for Google Docs. Google enabled automatic link detection, and added preferences and page size options as well. Here's how these new options work.

Auto-linking: Now when you type something that documents recognizes as a link, it will become a link automatically. If you don’t want your text to be a link, you can undo the auto-linking by pressing Ctrl Z (Cmd Z on a Mac).

Preferences: If you don’t want automatic link detection, you can disable it completely by opening the ‘Preferences’ dialog from the ‘Tools’ menu. You can also permanently disable curly quotes (smart-quotes) in this dialog.

Page sizes: More page sizes have been added to documents. Find the new options in ‘File’, then ‘Page Setup’ when editing a document."
Check out this page for more details and screenshots.