Google Beat: Find out what's hot on Search

The search giant on Friday launched Google Beat, a weekly video blogging (vlogging) about what's hot on search in the last seven days. According to Google, it will give users "a snapshot of some of the topics that prompted people to turn to the web over the past week."

The Google BeatGoogle Beat collects data from Google Trends, Google Insights for Search and some additional tools and analyzes them to provide users vital information through video about people, things, events and experiences that are most searched and probably have created impact on our lives.

Google Beat, we believe, will guide bloggers and webmasters in choosing as well as posting trending topics that will help improve search engine optimization (SEO) efforts for their sites.

To get regular updates from Google Beat, you'll have to subscribe via its YouTube channel.

Here's the premier video, the Google Beat for August 27, 2010.