Firefox 4 Tab Sets

Mozilla early last week announced that the new nightly build of Firefox 4, which is due for release on August 23 (24th in the Philippines), will get a new feature called Tab Sets (formerly known as Tab Candy) together with other improvements and performance enhancements.

Mozilla's Percy Cabello said that "the latest Firefox 4 nightly builds now feature Tab Sets, the ability to organize your tabs by visually grouping them to match your browsing style, introduced a few weeks ago as TabCandy."

"A new tab sets button is placed next to the list all tabs button to show your tab sets. From there just draw a box to create a new empty group, drag a tab between sets, drag a tab onto another to create a new group, resize groups and tabs, and so on," Cabello explained.

Tab Sets will be available with Firefox 4 Beta 4.