Commands to Perform Voice Actions on Android

Google on Thursday introduced Voice Actions for Android operated smart phones. According to the search giant, Voice Actions are "a series of spoken commands that let you control your phone using your voice." Read on for the guide on how to use commands to perform a Voice Action on Android.

Just by speaking into your mobile phone, you can "call businesses and contacts, send texts and email, listen to music, browse the web, and complete common tasks."

How to use Voice Actions

Google posted the following instruction: "Tap the microphone button on the Google search box on your home screen, or press down for a few seconds on the physical search button on your phone to activate the “Speak Now” screen."

Commands to perform a Voice Action
  • send text to [contact] [message]
  • listen to [artist/song/album]
  • call [business]
  • call [contact]
  • send email to [contact] [message]
  • go to [website]
  • note to self [note]
  • navigate to [location/business name]
  • directions to [location/business name]
  • map of [location]
Aside from Voice Actions, you can also do search using your voice. Google has the full details.