Blogger Stats Leaves Blogger in Draft

In late July, we first blogged about Blogger Stats integrated statistics checker while it was in test run. A month later, Blogger has finally taken Blogger Stats, a feature that will enable you to track your site stats in real time, out of Blogger in Draft.

Blogger Buzz revealed the following improvements which were based on user feedback and suggestions.
  • Self-view exclusion - an option to exclude your own pageviews and traffic coming from Blogger admin or Preview.
  • More effective bot traffic filtering - to exclude traffic from website crawlers or bots.
  • Rate-limiting visit counts from the same user - to rate-limit repeated visits from the same user over a certain period.
  • More languages are now supported.
The previous launch features and screenshots can be viewed on this page. Right now, you will notice a new "Stats" tab in your Dashboard.

Blogger Stats