August 2010 Physician Licensure Exam Anomaly?

An allegation of irregularity in the recent Physician Licensure Examination has surfaced in blogs, chat boxes and social networking sites lately. According to an anonymous "whistle-blower", a "TIP on 50% of the questions in one of the 12 subjects, Preventive Medicine, was disseminated to 'lucky'" PLE takers.

Here's the full text of the open message that is spreading across the web:
Mon Aug 16
Anon6237: Dear President, Deans of Medicine, & Media Newsroom-Editorial Staff/Editors:

Thank you po for this forum.

The Philippine PLE (Physician Licensure Examination) was held on August 7 & 8, 14 & 15, 2010. Like the NLE (Nursing Licensure Examination) a few years back, there has been another anomaly. Please take a few minutes to read below. Maraming salamat po.

August 2010 PRC Physician Licensure Examination ANOMALY: (see below)

Anon6237: Part 2 of 4: August 2010 PRC Physician Licensure Examination ANOMALY:
A major anomaly has tainted the results of the August 2010 Physician Licensure Examination: a TIP on 50% of the questions in one of the 12 subjects, Preventive Medicine, was disseminated to the “lucky”, a significant number who were fortunate to know somebody who has already taken the Boards recently. Although examinees sign a confidentiality statement regarding the content of the exam, in reality it is difficult not to commit small talk among families, friends, fraternities, and the like, all in no official capacity and without malice, especially when so many questions have been lifted verbatim from only one sourcebook, an unofficial reference at that.

Anon6237: Part 3 of 4: SO, this is to inform the Board of Examiners of whose integrities are beyond reproach, that although they have excelled remarkably during their terms, the source of 50% of the Preventive Medicine questions had become known to a significant number of resourceful hopefuls while leaving others not privy to the same information in utter despair, especially since a failure (or score far from the curve) in one subject means retaking all; the scores from that subject should be erased completely and its examination reprepared, rescheduled, and retaken, similar to what happened with the Nursing Licensure Examination awhile back. (Or perhaps only the remaining 50% of the questions could be scored.) However, one could argue that the entire examination be repeated since those who knew that tip had more time available to review for the other, definitely more difficult subjects!

Anon6237: Part 4 of 4: Whatever the just remedy, 50% of a subject pre-known to some is just too unfair to the others who may be struggling with the statistical scoring at the borderline and moreso overly significant for the persevering topnotchers who average less than 1% difference in their ratings: such an anomaly can result only in a farce list of Board topnotchers and passers to be released this week, and we do not want our noble physicians to be under that kind of negative critical scrutiny nor diminishing self-perception at the beginning of their service, not business, careers. May the confidence of God remain with us all, in peace.

Anon6237: (I am a current PLE examinee, and send this appeal out prior to any news of whether I have passed or failed, so that in conscience, the truthfulness of these words will also be less doubtful. I further prefer to remain anonymous for security and safety reasons for myself, family, and friends. However, communication via this email address is most welcome:; thanks again."
Legitimate or not, this could possibly taint the results of the August 2010 PLE. Do you think this has to be investigated? Please post your views and comments below.