YouTube 4K Video

YouTube, the largest online video storage, on Friday announced at VidCon 2010 that it now supports videos shot in 4K (yes, that is 4096 x 3072) resolution which is nearly four times the size of 1080p, the previous highest resolution in High Definition (HD).

YouTube 4K

Just select "Original" in the video quality pulldown menu if you want to view any video in a source resolution greater than 1080p. Be warned though, that 4K videos require a super fast internet connection.

In the Philippines, the usual household internet connection speed ranges from 512 kbps up to 2 mbps, depending on subscription type. The default resolution upon YouTube access via that speed range is set at 360p, the higher quality at 480p, 720p (HD) and 1080p (HD).

YouTube engineer Ramesh Sarukkai invites us to view a playlist of videos that illustrates the 'power of 4K', check 'em out here.