SONA 2010 Keypoints for Reaction Paper

Tens of thousands of high school students all over the country have been given a common assignment - to make a reaction paper about the State of the Nation Address of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III delivered on July 26, 2010. To help you out, here are some key points of the SONA 2010.

  • Simple, realistic, easy to understand as it was delivered in our national language, and it was somehow shocking too;
  • It revealed the alleged anomalies in transactions for government projects and mismanagement of funds by the previous administration which resulted to: government expenditure exceeded the revenues, increased deficit;
  • Calamity funds releases were questioned, more particularly those in Pampanga;
  • Discovery of the high salaries and bonuses etc. of MWSS board of trustees who, according to the president, were 'midnight' appointees of ex-president Arroyo;
  • The president mentioned the problems at Napocor, MRT, DPWH and NFA;
  • He tackled the issue on a tax evasion case filed against a certain pawnshop owner;
  • Pursuit on murderers involved in extra-legal/extra judicial killings;
  • PNoy also revealed his administration's plans to address the needs in education, infrastructure, health, military, police and many others;
  • Plans to improve the quality of education, PhilHealth, re-assessment of fiscal measures, among others were also mentioned.
More key points are found in the SONA 2010 transcript [link]. Here's our tip: Concentrate your research more on the English translation.