Smart Uzzap 2.0 Download

Smart on Tuesday officially released Uzzap version 2.0 for desktop and mobile phones. Uzzap 2.0 messenger / chat client, now faster and with a cleaner user interface and has more features, enables you to connect to your friends on Yahoo! and MSN at no cost.

Smart Uzzap 2.0

The capability to connect to Facebook, which was rumored to be integrated in this version, wasn't made available. However, Uzzap 2.0 build 4268 includes a button for My Sandbox, a Smart web service that offers free music, games, mobile downloads, and live streams among other stuff.

Also, getting categories and chat rooms has become faster than the previous version. We hope Uzzap 2.0 is already bot and flood-free (we haven't tested it yet for those setbacks that annoy Uzzapers).

In a text message sent by a unique service number 76767676, Smart says Uzzap 2.0 remains free to download, with no login/browsing fees. If you want to give it a try, just head over to

Here's more news from the Uzzap webpage.
Download the new mobile client with great new features including choosing your own picture for your wallpaper and access to your entire Phonebook in the client.

Press the "Themes" button to see choices of selecting a delivered theme or choosing a picture from your phone’s gallery (pictures are displayed from phone memory only). If you want to be able to see more of your picture, go to Options from the Main Menu and choose "Hide Buttons". All the menu options then move into the Options menu – as well as the new option "Show Buttons" to get them back again.

When sending a message in a message tab press Options to see the new option "Font Settings". You can now choose how you want your message to look.

Notice the new group in your buddy list "Phonebook". In a Symbian phone this is automatically populated, in Java when you click on it you will have to agree to some java prompts. Once you can see your phonebook you can send messages or make calls to all your contacts from Uzzap. Check out the great new Uzzap Plus package to get unlimited Smart messaging to all your contacts using Uzzap.