NUCaptcha Arrives

Leap Marketing Technologies Inc., a tech company with branches in Vancouver, Canada and San Francisco in the U.S. on June 30 launched NUCaptcha, a captcha product that stands out from the rest for using video instead of old school text and numbers to discern humans from spam bots.

The company claims "NuCaptcha is a security platform that uses motion video to authenticate human web interactions. NuCaptcha is a better solution because it: (1) Is displayed in video format, (2) Has better security features (3) Positively affects conversions and (4) Is user friendly."

"Captchas are those security questions you find on Web sites that require you to decipher and type words or numbers and detects whether the user is a human or a spambot." That's according to TechCrunch whom we're thanking of for the lead.

It won't take long before you see NUCaptcha in major websites and blogs. But if you're curious enough, we've embedded a demo for you to try right away.