Mayweather Sr. calls Pacquiao a gay

Floyd Mayweather Sr., father of Manny Pacquiao's supposed number one boxing contender, has sorted to name calling these days. He blasts Pacquiao during interview. He calls Pacquiao a 'homosexual' after calling him 'a little Filipino midget' and 'one of the biggest faggots on planet'. What is he exactly up to?

Fame? Obviously.

Mayweather Sr. is everywhere - cable, free tv, sports magazines, newspapers, sports websites, forums and blogs - name it. He knows he will be talked about, printed, written, discussed, be part of history if he says something against Pacquiao. And he loves it.

Diversion? Most likely.

Mayweather Sr. is diverting from the real issue - that his beloved son is afraid to fight Manny and earn his first loss - critics say. Father loves son so much. Father is simply...worried.


I have an office mate (OM) who follows Pacquiao's fights. OM says he is very thankful that Pacquiao has gotten matured. OM is happy that Pacquiao just snubs older Mayweather's remarks. OM said he doesn't want Pacquiao to fight anyone in the ring anymore now that his favorite boxer whom he considers a living hero is a representative of the people in congress.

OM's point of view? It's 'dishonorable' to see an 'honorable' congressman beating someone or being beaten by someone in the ring.