July 2010 NLE Results Out Saturday (Rumor)

Rumor about the July 2010 Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) results to be released this Saturday, July 31st, has been spreading in forums, blogs, chat rooms and social networking sites like wildfire. The buzz is unconfirmed, unofficial, but is likely becoming real.

On Wednesday, the Board of Nursing (BoN) via its official website revealed the date for the oathtaking of new nurses from the National Capital Region (NCR) who will pass the July 3 & 4 NLE. They have likewise named the BoN members who will administer the respective regional oathtakings.

The NCR oathtaking which is set for September 20 & 21, 2010, according to the BoN, "will be streamed live in Facebook and MySpace." The BoN also announced that tickets will be available at PNA, Manila "after official release of results."

There already is an advanced preparation. And the big day is coming...nearer.

Update 7/30/2010

Don't waste your time waiting for the results tomorrow. We've gathered reliable information that the July 2010 NLE results will be released on the last week of August 2010. Here is PRC's word, per BoN Resolution No. 2010 Series of 2010.
xxx the results of the July, 2010 Licensure Examination will be released on the last week of August, 2010 xxx
Resolution- 2010 Nle Re-set