iPhone 5 (CNET's most wanted features)

Last month, CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy posted 20 of the best features he (probably we, too) would want in the next generation iPhone - the iPhone 5. His article included exceptional concept designs and photos. Take a look.

iPhone 5 concept design
Concept design for future iPhone, credit: designedbyitem.com

iPhone 5: 20 most-wanted features - CNET (click here for a detailed explanation and more photos)
  1. 4G network compatible
  2. iOS 5
  3. Fewer failed and dropped calls (Apple says software upgrade via iOS 4.1 coming to iPhone 4)
  4. More carriers
  5. Better battery life (longer talk time)
  6. Improved 3D graphics
  7. 1.5 GHz A4 processor
  8. Better camera (from current 5MP to 8 or 12 maybe? Nokia has a 12MP in the N8)
  9. Better cloud computing support
  10. Flash support
  11. Video chat (FaceTime) over 4G network (also the ability to make video calls to PC)
  12. Improved home screen
  13. Enhanced voice control
  14. Expandable memory
  15. More memory (say 64GB or 128 storage memory as rumored?)
  16. Removable battery
  17. Integrated radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  18. HD output
  19. Biometric security
  20. Built-in IR dongle when used as a remote controller
With these features hopefully coming to iPhone 5 (in less than a year I guess), it will be the greatest device ever. In the meantime, I'd be contended with my iPhone 4 to be delivered next month. =)

iPhone 4