How to Setup Smart Mobile Internet

Smart Communications at Facebook released on Friday its Mobile Internet How To's guide to set up Smart Buddy mobile internet. Here's how.

  1. Send SET to 211 to configure INTERNET settings.
  2. Look for the handset browser.
  3. Type in in the address bar of handset browser.
  4. Choose among the available UNLI Surf plans.
  5. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Surf the web!
Detailed Steps:
  1. 1. To activate your 3G/ GPRS Capable Handsets, text SET <PHONE MODEL> send to 211 (ex: SET N70 to 211)
    a. Click on the TOOLS in your phone’s menu.
    b. Click on SETTINGS
    c. Click on CONNECTION
    d. Click on ACCESS POINTS
    e. Select on SMART INTERNET
  2. Set your network configuration:
    a. In your phone’s menu, click on Tools.
    b. Click on Settings
    c. Click on Network
    d. Choose Network Mode
    e. and click on Dual Mode.
    f. An indicator will show you what network you are using.
  3. How to surf.
    a. Click on the web browser in your phone’s menu.
    b. Select a site from your bookmarks.
    c. Or enter the web address of the site you want to visit
    d. For Nokia handsets: click on Options > Navigation Options > Go to web address
    e. You will then be connected to the Internet.
    f. Enjoy surfing sites like:, Friendster, and News and Info directly on your cellphone