Google News Homepage Redesigned

The web is getting more social, so are the news. At the end of June, search giant Google announced the major overhaul made to Google News to make the stories 'more relevant' to readers and 'easier to share' via social networks. The website's homepage is now customizable to suit reader preference.

"Today we’re revamping the Google News homepage with several changes designed to make the news that you see more relevant to you. We’re also trying to better highlight interesting stories you didn’t know existed and to make it easier for you to share stories through social networks," Google software engineer Kevin Stolt posted June 30 on the company's official blog.

Google News has the following features currently enabled for readers in the U.S., and globally soon:
  • "News for you" - a stream of headlines automatically tailored to your interests
  • "Edit personalization" box - to specify how much you’re interested in Business, Health, Entertainment, Sports or any subject you want to add (whether it’s the Supreme Court, the World Cup or synthetic biology)
  • Section view, List view or 'hover by mouse' viewing options
  • News Settings - allows you to choose which news sources they'd like to see more or less frequently
  • Keyboard shortcuts - for easier navigation
  • Top Stories section - to make it easy for you to find the major news of the day and the subjects that interest you most
  • Linked keywords above headlines - takes you to a list of related coverage that can be added to your news stream
  • Spotlight section - features stories of more lasting interest than breaking news
  • Local news - a location based feature to highlight weather and headlines in the city where you are, or any place you follow
  • Drop-down menu marked by an arrow on the top-right of each story cluster - lets you easily share story clusters with other people via Buzz, Reader, Facebook or Twitter
Google News
To clear all personalization preferences, you can hit “Reset personalization" to bring back the default settings.

"The redesigned Google News homepage is rolling out today in the English-language edition in the U.S., and we plan to expand it to all editions in the coming months. We’re making the ability to choose which sources you’ll see more or less often available in all English-language editions worldwide and plan to expand it soon," Stolt disclosed.