Yahoo Pulse (Facebook Integration)

On June 7th, Yahoo will announce a relaunch of Yahoo Profiles and their “all in” integration with Facebook Connect in more than 15 Yahoo sites, including on the Yahoo home page. The new Yahoo Profiles will be called Yahoo Pulse, TechCrunch reports.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal published that Yahoo Pulse will be offering privacy tools and the integration of Facebook news feeds, which is actually the stream of your Facebook updates that can be seen on your Yahoo profile, Yahoo mail or the Yahoo homepage among other Yahoo sites.

Social media news site TechCrunch posted a portion of Yahoo's official announcement and screenshots of Yahoo Pulse:
Facebook Integration – Yahoo! has reached an important milestone in its partnership with Facebook. Starting globally today, people who use both Yahoo! and Facebook can link their accounts and view and share updates with friends across both networks. People who connect their accounts can consume their Facebook newsfeed on the Yahoo! homepage and in Yahoo! Mail and other Yahoo! sites and services. Additionally, people who create and share content on Yahoo! sites – including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, Flickr, and many Yahoo! entertainment sites, such as omg!, Yahoo! TV, and Yahoo! Movies – can easily share their contributions across Facebook. Additional integrations will be ongoing.

A Refresh of Yahoo! Profiles – Launched in October 2008, Yahoo! Profiles has allowed people to manage their identity and activities across Yahoo! from a central location. Today, Yahoo! has refreshed the experience to make its privacy settings easier to use and to give people a central dashboard to manage the external social network accounts and apps that they have linked to Yahoo!, starting with Facebook and with others to come later this year. Yahoo! Profiles has been renamed Yahoo! Pulse to better reflect its broader ability to manage settings, privacy, and account links. The updated experience is available at
Yahoo Pulse

More on these on official launch.

Sources: TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal