Will the long wait be finally over? Will Smart put an end to a year-round testing and officially launch its WiMAX service on June 15? Based on a comment from a technical personnel who is employed at the company to maintain fiber optic transmission cables, it will most-likely happen.

As a brief background, Smart started its massive deployment of the WiMAX technology across the country sometime in July last year. WiMAX, or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless broadband access to a wide area with a speed of up to 10 Mbit/s.

In our post back in November 2009, it was cited that the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) already granted the company more frequencies for broadband services including WiMAX. However, the WiMAX availability was put on hold pending the tests in more sites (plus other reasons that only Smart knows).

Smart initally made WiMAX as 'a key component' of its Internet For All initiative that includes, among others, its schools connectivity program. In fact, the company already provided internet access to public high schools in some parts of the country through the WiMAX network.

Smart WiMAX
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Last June 12, Facebook user Huawei Optix, a "Fiber Optic Splicer - Lineman & OSP" (OutSide Plant technician) who is incharged of maintaning fiber optic lines for PLDT, SMART & PHILTEL (Talk N' Text), posted "LABAS nyo na ung WiMAX... wag nyo na isakto sa JUNE 15" on Smart Communications' Facebook wall.

If he was right on Smart finally, officially launching WiMAX on June 15, at least we will have an additional option. And an additional option to get a broadband connection will lead to rival telcos' improving their services even more and offering them at the most-affordable price possible, you know what I mean?