Most Misspelled Words in Web Searches

Mark Paskin, a Google software engineer who works on spell correction, cited a few of the most common examples of misspelled words in web searches. As published by the World Street Journal (WSJ), the words that commonly get misspelled in Google searches are as follows.

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  • “definitely,” which is often spelled “definately,” “definetly” or “definatly”
  • “stilettos,” which people spell “stilletos,” and “stillettos”
  • “mischievous,” spelled “mischevious” and “mischievious” and
  • “nauseous,” which comes out “nautious,” “nauseas” and “nausious.”
According to the WSJ article, Yahoo’s Web trend analysts also took a look recently at the top misspelled words of 2010 with a focus on terms in the news. These are:
  • “Eyjafjallajokull“ - the volcano in Iceland that canceled flights across Europe when it erupted earlier this year
  • “Goldman Saks” and “Goldman Sacks” instead of “Goldman Sachs”
  • “Justin Beaver” instead of singer “Justin Bieber”
  • “Louie Vaton purses” for “Louis Vuitton purses”
  • “Gulf Oil spell” instead of “Gulf Oil spill.”