How To Make iPhone 4, iPad Micro SIM

How to make your own iPhone 4 or iPad Micro SIM. This question from almost every iPhone 4 and iPad user has been answered. German website MacTechNews showed photos of the exact measurement to cut an ordinary SIM into a Micro SIM for the iPad.

It turns out that an iPad Micro SIM works on the iPhone 4 and vice versa. The iPhone 4 Micro SIM, however, works as data-only SIM on the iPad according to users who discussed the topic in Mac news forum threads.

In the Philippines at present, it is only Globe that offers a Micro SIM for the iPad 3G. Now, after the guide on how to make an iPhone 4, iPad Micro SIM was revealed, iPad and iPhone 4 owners can improvise any SIM card. is a German website. Thanks to Google Translate, we were able to translate the content into English to understand the instructions which we are sharing now.

  • Cutter
  • CD/DVD Marker with a very fine tip
  • Centimeters ruler
  • Fine nail file or a very fine sand paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Set square (Triangle)
  • A smooth solid surface (e.g. Bread Board)
Step 1:
  • Using the double-sided tape, stick the SIM card to the bread board with the Micro Chip facing upwards.
  • Mark the area with the marker, ruler and set square according to the right measurements and angle, as seen on the photo below.
Step 2:
  • With a ruler and a cutter, carefully remove the excess plastic separated at the marked lines. See to it that the Micro Chip will not be damaged.
Step 3:
  • Using the nail file or fine sand paper, gently file the edges off until they become smooth. Again, be careful not to include the Micro Chip.
If you have extra SIM cards (old, unusable or cheap ones), use them for practice purposes so as not to damage your new SIM card.