iPhone 4 Features, Specs, Price

Apple has officially launched the iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010. The iPhone 4 will be available starting June 24 with pre-orders to begin June 15. Here are the iPhone 4 features, technical specs and pricing.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4 Features
  • FaceTime - iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi video calling
  • Dual Camera - the iPhone 4 has two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back next to the LED flash
  • Retina Display - claimed to be the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen 4x the pixel count of previous iPhone models
  • Multi-Tasking - run your favorite third-party apps and switch between them instantly without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily
  • HD Video Recording and Editing - High definition video recording then edit using the new iMovie app which will soon be available at the App Store for $4.99
  • 5 Mega-Pixel Camera
For more features, click here. And for the full technical specs, click here.

Available colors
  • Black
  • White
iPhone 4 Price
  • iPhone 4 32 GB - starts at $299
  • iPhone 4 16 GB - starts at $199
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