How to Install Globe Tattoo Micro SIM on iPad

Globe announced the availability of a Globe Tattoo powered Micro SIM exclusively designed for the iPad 3G via prepaid or an unlimited data plan worth P999 a month. On this post you will find the guide to install the Globe Tattoo Micro SIM on your iPad 3G.

Globe iPad Settings

Follow these instructions to use your Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM on the iPad:
  1. Go to “Settings”;
  2. Press “Reset” then “Reset Network Settings”;
  3. Go to “Cellular Data”;
  4. Press “APN”;
  5. Change APN to a. Postpaid: or b. Prepaid:;
  6. Deactivate Wi-Fi to be able to browse using the SIM (click Wi-Fi menu, turn-off).
NOTE: Every time you remove your Micro-SIM and then re-insert it, you need to go through Steps 1-6 again.

Globe iPad 3G Micro SIM