Firefox about:crashes, PostCrash

Check this out! Firefox about:crashes. This might be a bit of technical for some, but hey, if you're interested to know what's going on in your Firefox browser - the program you are using to login to Facebook, to search the web, and to, well, access this site - read on.

Aside from about:config, a secret code that can be used to hack Firefox for speeding up web page loads among other tweaks, there is also another code that lets users know how many times Firefox have crashed and know what information it is sending to Mozilla. It's called Firefox about:crashes.

Firefox's about:crashes was rolled out two years go, or in 2008, but users didn't give much attention as compared to the level of interest for about:config. Of course, people would prefer to speed up their Firefox rather than scrutinize crash reports.

How about:crashes works
  • Type about:crashes into Firefox's address bar. A list of your browser crashes, when they happened and details of what happened, will appear.
about:crashes image
Currently, the user interface (UI) is very simple. To improve it, a new project at Mozilla called PostCrash is in the works. Its main objectives are 'developing about:crashes into a more useful resource' and 'contacting the user by email after a Firefox crash is resolved'. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Once project PostCrash' revamp to the about:crashes page in Firefox is fulfilled, it will probably look like this.

new about:crashes
Firefox' about:crashes page will contain crash reports that are more detailed and links to troubleshooting suggestions or solutions to fix a crash. Something good to look forward to.