FarmVille Biplane

Social gaming giant Zynga has added a new vehicle to its popular Facebook game FarmVille. The FarmVille Biplane was unveiled recently. It's a classic airplane that players can use to fly over theirs or a neighbor's farm for instant crop growth.

FarmVille Biplane
FarmVille Biplane, which enables players to level up faster or help friends in co-op missions, is now available at the market 'Vehicle' tab for 30,000 FarmVille coins although the first use is free. The Biplane is unlocked at level 12.

How to use FarmVille Biplane Instant Grow capability:
  • Applying Instant Grow with the Biplane costs Farm Cash. The amount of Farm Cash you pay is dependent on how much time is left until your crops mature and how many seeded plots are on your farm.
  • After you first purchase your Biplane, you are entitled to one free application of Instant Grow.
  • To use it, simply click on the Biplane and select “Apply Instant Grow”.
Also, just in case you don't know yet, Zynga has made the FarmVille buildings rotatable. The move was inspired by the overwhelming launch success of its latest game that first allowed building rotation, FrontierVille.