Bing SEO Search Engine Optimization

New websites and blogs are emerging which makes the competition in the world wide web stiffer. To further improve on ranking and to not be left behind, webmasters and bloggers should now focus more on search engine optimization or SEO not just on Google but on Bing - Microsoft's search engine.

Bing logo
Cris Crum who writes for Web Pro News (WPN) lists down the reasons why webmasters and bloggers should consider to start Bing SEO seriously.
  • For one, Bing will soon power Yahoo search.
  • For two, Bing deliver's Facebook's web search results, while Facebook is giving people more reasons to search with them.
  • Bing has made some design changes and added a bunch of new features.
  • Bing is also available as a default search option on the new iPhone 4, and Microsoft has been heavily encouraging users to switch to it.
These will sooner be factors of an increased usage for Bing. So if your aim is to increase web traffic and gain more site visitors as well as revenues courtesy of Bing users, start your Bing SEO efforts now.