Bebemon! Bebemon!

After Jejemon, here comes Bebemon! Whoa?!? What is Bebemon? It's an emerging popular culture among teenagers today. Bebemon is a person who talks like a baby, texts like a baby and types on chatrooms, blogs, forums and even on Facebook and Twitter pa-baby style for fun.

"Bebemon" is a combination of the words Baby for "Bebe" and Pokemon for "Mon".

With Bebemons, the letters "D", "T" and "Y" are used more frequently, replacing most consonants in a sentence. For example, the phrase "Matutulog na po ba kayo Kuya?" becomes "Matutuyod na po ba tayo Tuya?" or "Naiinis na ako sa 'yo!" is changed into "Daiinit na ato tayo!" (LoL!).


Bebemon sounds cuter than Jejemon though and we're sure there'll be much less Bebebusters than there were Jejebusters. The question now is, will there be a "Bebemon alert" for DepEd at this time?