Adsense Ads With $20+ Price Per Click

If you're using Adsense in your blogs, aim to write on high-paying keywords to earn more on your blog. Most ads are valued at less than $0.50 per click. But some, in the list below, cost more than $20 per click. Blogs about auto insurance have high paying keywords.

Data was taken in December 2009 from Google Adwords. Note that even within the "auto insurance" keywords, CPC values differ by a huge amount.

$20.87 Auto insurance quotes
$20.37 Get auto insurance quotes
$20.19 Compare auto insurance

Compare with low CPC keywords:
$1.26 Blogs
$0.95 Blogging for money
$0.82 Blog tips

$19.38 Auto insurance comparisons
$19.02 Auto insurance quote
$16.28 Instant auto insurance
$14.67 Affordable auto insurance
$13.87 Auto insurance companies
$13.52 Auto insurance rates
$12.49 Auto insurance discounts
$12.19 Auto car insurance
$10.50 Student auto insurance
$9.72 Auto insurance brokers
$9.51 General auto insurance
$7.92 American auto insurance
$5.14 Auto insurance UK
$4.77 Auto insurance claims
$2.28 Fake auto insurance
$4.56 Auto insurance complaints

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