Snow Leopard Transformation Pack

Windows X, a computer programmer known for his releases of Windows Vista and Windows 7 transformation packs, is expressing intent to work on a transformation pack for Snow Leopard, the latest version of Mac OS X operating system publicized as the world's most advanced OS.

Link to download site below.

"I tried looking for next version of Windows for making some customization but they're all in abyss now until next year for some leaked shots. Then, I searched in giannisgx89's gallery and found his latest Snow Leopard visual style really stunning. So it's decided. I'll make transformation pack for Snow Leopard," Windows X wrote on a blog post.

The planned tranformation pack will transform Windows 7's into a Mac OS X Snow Leopard-like interface (Mac-based icons, folders, applications will be added). He said it may not be possible to start one that's XP-supported as it will take time to do.

"Developing for both XP and Vista/7 will take a lot of effort than few months to do so I'm afraid I can't add XP support anytime soon. But if the feedback from release is good and there's people demanding for XP support, I'll consider it in later versions," Windows X a.k.a. Lucifiar (yeah I know, the name doesn't sound angelic contrary to his generosity in sharing of expertise) explained.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

On the other hand, followers are still waiting for Seven Tranformation Pack (7TP) 5.0 to be released any time at Windows X's convenience, unlike the previous versions which were demand-driven as Windows XP and Vista users have migrated to the real Windows 7 due to the latter's success in most OS aspects.

We have covered Windows X's projects since the very start and we're amazed because he has consistently made them as effective and safe as users want, and most importantly, they remain free of charge.

That's basically why we're helping him gather suggestions for the Snow Leopard Transformation Pack through this post - our simple and humble contribution to reward him for his efforts.

Update: Snow Transformation Pack 1 has been released. View the product page here. Or download Snow Transformation Pack now!