Ning to Phase Out Free Networks in July

If you've created a free network in Ning and can't afford a paid one, sorry but this is really bad news for you. Ning, the web platform that lets users create their own social network, announced Tuesday that the company will be phasing out free networks effective July 2010.

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"We want to provide a new level of innovation to Network Creators — and build all the valuable features Network Creators have asked us to. To get there, we need to focus 100% on paid Ning Networks. This phasing out of free services won’t happen until July, so you’ll have plenty of time to weigh your options. We’ll do our best to provide you with a migration path if you don’t wish to continue with Ning, but we’d love to have you come along for all of the exciting future developments," Jason Rosenthal, Ning, Inc.'s chief executive officer, wrote.

New pricing of paid Ning Networks, starting at $2.95 per month, will be imposed by July (details here).

Bad move? Or just right? What do you think?