Google Unveils Blue UI

We have blogged and gave you a blue clue about Google "Jazz" back in January 2010. Google "Jazz" (official name confirmation pending) is the future blue colored user interface (UI) design of Google homepage, which the search giant officially unveiled Thursday.

Here's what senior user experience designer Jon Wiley at Google has to say:
While I’m very happy about our latest improvements, a designer's work is never done. We’re already testing additional refinements and we'll continue to listen to all of you as we work to continue making search better.

If you’re curious, here are some of the other design prototypes we tried (you might have to click to magnify some of these images):

Blue homepage: We’ve always had a strong affinity for blue — after all, blue is usually the color of web links, so it binds the web together. It became the basis for many designs.
Blue homepage
Blue button: The big blue button made it all the way to our first external experiment, where it was promptly rejected by users. We heard you loud and clear and changed the button in the next round.
Blue button
Universal bars: This design emphasizes different types of results with labeled blocks in the main results pane, such as books, news and shopping.
Universal bars
Blue results: This is one of the final blue designs we created and marks the point when we renamed the "Web" link to "Everything" — a label that gets closer to the intent of our mission to organize all the world’s information.
Blue results

We will paint the web blue...soon!