2010 Emerging Pinoy Blog: Scolex Portal

Alright, just a quick post. From below 50, a blog has managed to pull a great number of visitors in a matter of weeks and now ranks as among the top 10 in one of the top blog ranking sites. We would like to introduce to you the Scolex Portal blog.

Scolex Portal, a blog created by an educator (high school IT teacher) from the southermost part of the Philippines, started as a small personal site offering how-to tutorials on virus removal and common computer games.

Scolex, as blogging friends call him, was able to attend a blogging seminar which I organized last year. He was one of the best participants we had shared our experiences upon.

From that time onwards, he was able to come up with great ideas and made huge improvements on his blog. Scolex revamped the site's design. He changed the template, applied lively colors and more importantly, trimmed down the ads. These led to positive results.

Scolex Portal is now a credible source of information on computer and internet help tips, music countdown, pc and web-based games, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques among other useful stuff.

Scolex Portal

We are more than happy to recommend to our readers Scolex Portal, an emerging Pinoy blog in 2010.