2010 Automated Elections tips, PCOS glitches, remedies

Today is May 10, 2010 - a historical date in Philippine politics. It is the country's first automated elections. On this post you will find voting tips, observations, plus actual PCOS machine and official ballot glitches and remedies.

I went early in the polling center and was able to cast my vote at exactly 7:30 in the morning. The whole process took five (5) minutes, at least for me. For those who have not voted yet, I have some tips for you.

Voting Tips
  • List down all your candidates on a small piece of paper. It will help you save time.
  • Go to the polling center as early as possible. Exercise your right to suffrage. Go out and vote!
  • Secure a "Priority Number" from the Comelec support staff.
  • If you have poor eye sight, bring a pair of glasses because the fonts in the official ballot are so small. Remember that you cannot make erasures once shading is done.
  • On the average, there are six (6) precincts in one clustered precinct, so imagine the long line of voters waiting for their turn. Bring food and water. Be patient.
  • The Comelec has extended poll hours to 7 p.m. Usually, public school classrooms have poor lighting. Watchers as well as voters are encouraged to bring emergency/flash lights.
PCOS machine, official ballot glitches and remedies

Glitch - Remedy
  • Marking pen ink blots the official ballot - Do not push the pen hard.
  • PCOS machine does not accept BEI's security code - First, enter the BEI Chairman's security code, followed by the member's security code.
  • PCOS machine fails - While the PCOS is being fixed or replaced, the BEI should continue accepting voters so as not to further delay the process. The BEI were trained for such situation, they just have to be reminded.
  • PCOS machine paper jam - Carefully, slowly place the official ballot in the PCOS machine and wait for the "Congratulations" notice before leaving.
Update 12:00 p.m.: The Comelec has extended poll hours to 7 p.m. - Following glitches encountered with several poll counting optical scan (PCOS) machines, the Commission on Elections extended voting hours from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday, Comelec Chairman Jose Melo announced in a press conference. [Source: INQUIRER.net]

Post will be updated as information becomes available.