Project Wonderful to Overhaul Website

Online advertising broker Project Wonderful will refurbish its website. The process will start with a review of the site's user interface followed by implementation of improvements that would result from a collaboration between the company and its members.

Here's the full email:
Hi Coolbuster,

Thanks for being a Project Wonderful member!

Project Wonderful started way back in 2006, and since then we've grown a lot and added tons of new features -- but sometimes these features are hard to find, and sometimes they've made our site more difficult to navigate than it was originally. In the next little while we're beginning work on a full review of our interface, and while we've got our own ideas for improvements, we'd also love your feedback!

Is there anything Project Wonderful does in its interface that you wish it didn't? Is there something it doesn't do that you wish it did? Let us know -- you can just reply to this email. We can't promise that we'll take every suggestion, but we can promise that every one will be considered!

You don't have to write back right away, but if you can reply within a week, that'd be great. And if you don't want to participate, no worries! You can just erase this message. :)

From Ryan and the rest of the Project Wonderful team.
We're making this public so that our readers who are interested in blogging will know how a good blogger-affiliation relationship works. And so our suggestions are:
  1. Make the interface simplier.
  2. Aside from PayPal, make other withdrawal options available.
  3. Set the minimum bid price at $0.10, or maybe at a lower $0.05, not $0.00.
We are looking forward to a better Project Wonderful.