Jejemon | What is Jejemon?

Jejemon is becoming a top search term in the Philippines today. What is Jejemon? Is this another emerging Filipino popular culture after "Jologs" and "Stokwa", a fad, or just a modern-day version of "Carabao English" which was a highly debated topic back in the 90's?

Jejemon - a combination of the words Jeje (from Hehe) and mon (from Pokemon).

People say that if you're a person fond of typing "gud am pfoe, muztah na u" or "omg mah fw3nd farted jejeje" or other similar words in chat rooms, forums and social networking sites, you are considered a Jejemon.

Fail, a Yahoo! Answers user who instantly got high points for answering a single question about Jejemon, gave his opinion:
This is text and chat culture stupidity, making Filipinos old and new generation, lose their writing and spelling ability back to 4-year old brains which stemmed out from text-speak trend. Like how text-speak became so popular, this is no exception as they are just the same.

All companies hiring applicants, old or new graduates, should make this a policy to fail applicants that cannot spell properly on exams and essays as this will reflect the companies image when they hire these people to talk to their clients or partners. I know most companies who are strict in spelling skills and I know some people who have failed in their exams. If your family, telecoms or law fails, the company youre going to apply to next will teach you a lesson.
The term "Jejemon" is rapidly becoming popular. In fact, several Jejemon / Jejemon haters / Jejebusters Facebook pages and forum threads have been created.

What is your opinion about Jejemon? Are you a Jejemon yourself?

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The jejemon fad is highlighted even further after 'Kuya' of the Pinoy Big Brother reality show used it on tv. One of the teen housemates said, "Jejemon pala si Big Brother..."

Here's a track that I'm sure Jejemons will love. The melody and instrumentation are good.

I Luv U Jejemon
Music by Shobz a.k.a "itshobertday" at YouTube and Facebook
Lyrics by Raysoul

Updated: 6/2/2010