How to Play Crysis on iPad

On April 4 (April 3 in the US), we saw a footage of Crysis running on the iPad. The video of a boy playing Crysis on the iPad had been shared by tech and gadgets news website TechCrunch. The how-to play Crysis in iPad after the jump.

Crysis on iPad

TechCrunch posted that Crysis was running on the iPad using OTOY, "a service that uses extremely fast computers in the cloud to handle the game’s graphics rendering and then streams the output to your computer via the web."

OTOY is set to launch in the second quarter of 2010.

How to Play Crysis on the iPad
  1. Wait for OTOY to launch this second quarter of 2010.
  2. Play Crysis on your iPad using OTOY. More details will be provided upon availability.