Google releases official Buzz buttons

It was mid-February when we provided the codes to add Google Buzz buttons to a website or blog. The buttons were merely a result of research and innovation so to speak. Finally on April 13th, Google released the official Google Buzz share buttons.

For all who didn't know, Google Buzz is a service from Google that allows users to share interesting links from around the web. Well, simply put it this way, it's like Twitter and Digg. Google Buzz was originally intended for Gmail as an add-on but has so far been extended to websites and blogs for content sharing, with tech sites having been quick enough to come up with buttons using Google Reader as the backend.

Now, if you check out the buttons from sharing platforms such as ShareThis, AddtoAny or AddThis, among others, you'll find out that the official Google Buzz share buttons were already incorporated.

AddThis Google Buzz  buttonIf you, however, prefer manually adding the buttons to your site, specially the official Google Buzz share button with counter, just get them from

Google Buzz Buttons
Google Buzz Buttons