Google Real Time Indexing

If you've published a content and you can see it right away on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), you should celebrate. You know why? It's because Google has indexed your post in real-time. And what does it mean? Read on and find out.

Google's very own Matt Cutts in an interview with WebProNews (WPN), video of which is embedded below, has discussed their real- time indexing format.

"Maybe some small site, you might only find a chance to crawl its pages once a week, but if that site is blogging like every 20 minutes, boom , you hit the submit button, and the search engines can find out about it," explained Cutts.

"You can definitely imagine the reputable blogs getting very fast updates - the ones that we think are trustworthy, and then over time, maybe ramping that up, so that more and more people have the ability to do...just like, instant indexing," he says.

If you read between the lines, Cutts clearly pointed out that 'trust' is the key to get your blog being indexed by Google in real-time. Even WPN (which, by the way, is our long-time source of SEO techniques) noted that "trust is going to be key in being able to push content to Google's index in real-time." And in order for Google to trust your site, you have to, as WPN advised, "put out great content, and engage with the community."

Going back to the question. If your posts appear instantly in Google search engine, what does it mean? Google trusts your site.