Globe Click Fix

Globe Broadband is offering Click Fix, a free self help tool that you can install on your PC to help you troubleshoot and manage your connection. It provides basic troubleshooting guidelines for resolving any broadband internet connection problems.

Globe Broadband claims Click Fix [download] is a subscriber's "Globe Technical Support Team and Globe Customer Service Representative rolled into one".

Click Fix features:
  • Automatically configures your GBB connection, browser and LAN (wireless or not)
  • Helps you configure your email client
  • Alerts you if your connection settings have been changed
  • Shows connection problems even before you start browsing
  • Gives you the steps to troubleshoot the problem
  • Helps you monitor your PC's software and hardware that may be affecting your browsing convenience
  • Upgrades your modem for better performance
  • Protects the software on your PC
Read more about Click Fix here.

Have you tried Globe Click Fix? Smart Bro, Globe Broadband's rival, has its own tool called Quick Fix which, in my personal opinion, doesn't fix anything. I hope Click Fix isn't just another Quick Fix.