Facebook Unveils Next Platform Version

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and everyone behind the largest social network in the world think that "the future of the web will be filled with personalized experiences" so they are putting people "on the center of the web."
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The next evolution of Facebook platform will provide users with more social, more personalized experiences.

"For example, if you like a band on Pandora, that information can become part of the graph so that later if you visit a concert site, the site can tell you when the band you like is coming to your area," Mark posted on the official blog.

Facebook tapped Microsoft Docs, Yelp and Pandora as pre-selected partners to give users a glimpse of this future version, which you can access without having to login again or click to connect.

"For example, now if you're logged into Facebook and go to Pandora for the first time, it can immediately start playing songs from bands you've liked across the web. And as you're playing music, it can show you friends who also like the same songs as you, and then you can click to see other music they like," he explained.

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If you're one of the more than 400 million active Facebook users, do the details as disclosed excite you or not?