Entrecard to launch Entrecredits.com

I thought I wouldn't be receiving any update from Entrecard after taking their widget off this site last year. But I guess they mean business so they've emailed members, active or inactive (me included), to inform us of a soon to be launched beta website called entrecredits.com.

Here's the full content of the email:
EntreCredits.com (coming soon!)
From: "support@entrecard.com"

Hi everyone!

In a few weeks we will be launching entrecredits.com as a new site and we can’t wait! But we need help. There’s a lot to test, a userbase to build, and a UI to polish. As an Entrecarder you already have a strong understanding of how a credit-based economy works, so we’re offering EC users an opportunity to get in early on this new site and help us create something to expand and complement Entrecard.

If you’re keen to help out, curious to see what we’ve come up with and want to get some free credits to sweeten the deal, please visit entrecredits.com and add your email address to the list. We’ll send you an invite in a few weeks.

We can’t give out any more information at this time, but it’s going to be *awesome*.

Team Entrecard
According to the domains wiki, Entrecredits.com was created on March 3, 2010 and has gained eight thousand unique site visitors since.

Sources say it will be a virtual currency website where EC users can spend entrecredits on games, apps among other items on and via the internet.