Binbit Mobile Xray Scanner

Hi readers! It's Mark here. I was browsing the pages of a games site when I saw an ad about Binbit Xray Scanner, a mobile app that purportedly turns a cellphone into a mobile Xray scanner. What is Binbit Xray Scanner? Is it a scam, a hoax?

Binbit Xray Scanner
Yahoo! Answers top contributor micksmixxx, when asked about Binbit Xray Scanner, answered:
Unfortunately, dear lady, it looks like a total scam. There's absolutely nothing that you can download to a mobile phone that will allow it to discharge x-rays, or pick them up, so that you can see the results onscreen.

WOT (Web of Trust) a free add-on for Mozilla Firefox indicates that Trustworthiness is poor, Vendor reliability is poor, Privacy is poor, and Child safety is poor.
The website to go is for the download but don't ever dare do it yet.

My plan is to get a new prepaid number and subscribe to find out if Binbit Xray Scanner is a scam. I will update this post for the result of my personal investigation.

Has anyone tried it?