10 Steps To Setup Your New iPad

Just bought an iPad? Don't know how to do initial setup? Here is a step by step guide to setup your new iPad to make it ready for use. This guide will explain how you can setup your iPad from its unpacking, what options to select on iTunes and what settings you need to do on iPad itself.

We've tried to cover all necessary steps which you need to perform in order to get your iPad running, but if you have any queries regarding iPad setup, do post them in comments section.

10 Steps To Setup Your New iPad
  1. Make sure you have iTunes 9.1 installed. If not then download it from here.

  2. After unpacking your iPad, switch it on and connect it to your iTunes (9.1). iTunes will show you the welcome screen as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the Continue button.

  3. iTunes Welcome Screen For iPad

  4. After clicking on the Continue button, you will be presented with the License Agreement. Accept it. Now if you already have an iTunes account use it to sign in or create a new one if you haven't created an iTunes account ever.

  5. In next step you will be presented with two options: Setup as a new iPad and Restore from the backup of iPod Nano. You might get a message that An iPad has previously been synced with your computer. Just ignore it and select the first option Set Up as a new iPad. Click Continue button.

  6. Set Up As A New iPad

  7. Now here is an important step! You may run out of your iPad Space a lot quicker than you think because the size of iPad apps are quite larger than iPhone apps. The easiest thing to cut back on, for now, is media. We recommend against automatically syncing anything for now, as bunch of TV shows and podcasts on your laptop's hard drive can easily eat up your whole iPad.

  8. Now adding all of your iPhone or iPod Touch apps at once on iPad will be a clear mistake. As many other apps like Camera and GPS apps have no use on iPad. So its better to go through all of your apps and uncheck those which are not supported by iPad. Also, don't bother syncing any apps that have HD versions you're interested in. Media is best synced manually for the space issues we mentioned above. You can autofill songs in from play lists, or drag them in one by one from your iTunes library. Same goes for videos.

  9. iTunes Library

  10. Now go to Settings and select your Wi-Fi network.

  11. iPad Settings

  12. Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars section and add your email account by providing your basic login info. You can also do other settings in this section like ability to preview your emails up to five lines as opposed to the default of two.

  13. iPad Email Settings

  14. In Settings navigate to Picture Frame mode. In this section you can choose settings for your Photo Roll, Transition between photos and Zoom in on Faces.

  15. iPad Picture Frame Settings

  16. In the Brightness & Wallpaper section, you can select wallpaper for your lock screen, home screen or for both.

  17. iPad Brightness And Wallpaper Settings

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