YouTube Direct for Mobile

YOUTUBE DIRECT allows users to embed the upload functionality of YouTube directly into their web site, enabling organizations to request, review, and re-broadcast user-submitted videos with ease. On March 9, the YouTube Direct Team made a major announcement since the apps' launch in November last year - the YouTube Direct for Mobile among other updates.

"Separate from but related to the main YouTube Direct project are two other Google Code projects: video capture and YouTube Direct upload applications for the Android and iPhone operating systems. These two projects are basic implementations that we hope will inspire organizations to add video capture and YouTube Direct upload functionality to their Android or iPhone applications," Jeff Posnick of the YouTube Direct Team wrote in a blog post.

To further substantiate this news, we tried to look for related photos, videos and articles. Unfortunately, only Posnick's post at the YouTube API Blog is available for now.

We will update this post once more information are published.