Wowowee Hep Hep Hooray Controversy

IT'S A GOOD THING that noontime TV show host Willie Revillame gave the P300,000 prize to the winner of the 'controversial' Hep Hep Hooray contest in Wowowee on Saturday. Otherwise, thousands of emails and blogs would throw negative comments to the show.

What really happened

WowoweeIn Hep Hep Hooray, the contestant should outdo an 'amazona' to win. The 'amazona', played that time by popular 19-year old dancer Aprilyn Gustilo, also known as "Congratulations!", committed a mistake that was not immediately noticed. She raised her hands a bit before clapping for the 'hooray' gesture (reversed). The studio audience reacted in disagreement.

Revillame then requested that the segment in question be replayed. After a couple of reruns, he declared the contestant as winner of the 300,000 pesos, to the dismay of the amazonas.

We will embed the video once it is uploaded on YouTube.

Interesting discovery

Now, here's what we found out (with hopes that someone from Wowowee would respond). Everytime an amazona defeats a contestant, a "corresponding" prize is given to the ASF Dancers whom the amazonas are a member of. For example, if the verdict had been the other way around, the girls could have been afforded a one-session beauty care service at Belo medical clinic for free.

Revillame was heard saying "Bakit ka ba umiiyak? (referring to Aprilyn). Hayaan nyo na. Dapat masaya kayo kasi may nanalo. Pera lang yan. Hayaan nyo na."

Hmmm, so that's the reason why the amazonas would do their best to win. But of course it's normal. Nobody joins a contest just to lose.