Submit Website, Add URL to Yahoo

THE old method of submitting a website, adding a URL to Yahoo! has long been gone. It used to be a "Suggest a site" link from the Yahoo! homepage. Right now it's different. The new way to submit a website, add URL to Yahoo! is through Yahoo! Site Explorer.

Experienced webmasters and long-time bloggers already knew this, but for the sake of those new in the field we'd like to share a simple and proven procedure to submit a website, add a URL to Yahoo! for these to be added or indexed in Yahoo! search.

The steps to submit a website or webpage:
  1. Go to
  2. Expand the 'Submit a Website or Webpage' link.
  3. Enter your website URL including the http:// prefix and then click 'Submit URL'.
To submit site feed:
  1. Go to
  2. Expand the 'Submit Site Feed' link.
  3. Enter the full URL of the site feed (RSS or Atom) you would like to submit and then click 'Submit Feed'.
Submit website url to Yahoo

You need to follow some more instructions for site authentication. You can then customize Site Explorer according to your preference.

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