StatCounter Real-Time Global Stats

STATCOUNTER Global Stats service is probably the best real-time web stats and visitor reports provider in the world. It offers a free, easy-to-install invisible tracker webmasters and bloggers must have.

We have installed StatCounter in most of our blogs for a long time. It has helped our team in collecting data necessary in blog improvement and search engine optimization (SEO) undertakings.

We have enlisted below the top three StatCounter features that we most often focus at, to make clues available for new bloggers at no cost.

Popular Pages

According to StatCounter, the Popular Pages allow webmasters and administrators to "quickly see which pages are the most heavily visited by visitors and what ones are being left well enough alone" within a period of one hour. This entails that if some pages are overlooked it could be a good idea for us to "improve those pages" or encourage visitors to "find out more about those pages."

Keyword Analysis

This will tell what keywords visitors are using to find our web pages through search engines. The best tool for SEO intentions.

Came From

It will list down links that users click and follow to find our site. Inbound links are an essential part of establishing and building up our site's presence on the world wide web.

We have used other tools before; nothing compares to StatCounter.