Silverlight Pivot Control Announced

A LOT of information in technological advances have been gathered from MIX10 in Las Vegas so far, and it's still on its first day. On March 15th (US time), Microsoft announced the addition of new features to Silverlight 4 among which is Pivot Control.

Silverlight Pivot Control
According to the Silverlight Team, Pivot "enables users to see thousands of items at once and explore the relationships that connect them. It’s a great way to present large amounts of information on your site for simple yet powerful exploration by your viewers."

Silverlight 4 is a cross-browser, cross-platform browser plug-in that helps companies design, develop, and deliver applications and experiences on the web. The Silverlight Pivot Control takes advantage of this scale to enable the Pivot experience on a variety of browsers and operating systems currently supported by Silverlight. [Learn more]

Silverlight Pivot Control will be available this summer. Visit this blog more often for updates.