Microsoft Silverlight 4 RC download available

MICROSOFT on Monday announced a release candidate (RC) for Silverlight 4, which is available for download at the Microsoft Silverlight website. Silverlight 4 is a platform technology that will bring new applications, games and experiences to life.

Announced at MIX10 in Vegas alongside the unveiling of the end-to-end application development platform and developer tools for Windows Phone 7 Series [learn more], Microsoft Silverlight 4 RC is (take note) a developer release only, which means that there is no “go-live” licensing available and the end-user runtime of Silverlight 4 isn't available for the public.

What's New

Silverlight is already in use as a comprehensive platform for building rich experiences both for application and pure media scenarios including HD quality, interactive video through Smooth Streaming. Silverlight 4 introduces additional capabilities to enable creation of ever more rich, appealing high-performance interactive experiences and innovative media experiences:
  • Fluid interface enhancements advance application usability through animation effects.
  • Webcam and microphone to allow sharing of video and audio for instance for chat or customer service applications.
  • Audio and video local recording capabilities capture RAW video without requiring server interaction, enabling a wide range of end-user interaction and communication scenarios for example video conferencing.
  • Bring data in to your application with features such as copy and paste or drag and drop.
  • Long lists can now be scrolled effortlessly with the mouse wheel.
  • Support conventional desktop interaction models through new features such as right-click context menu.
  • Support for Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Performance optimizations mean Silverlight 4 applications start quicker and run 200% faster than the equivalent Silverlight 3 application.
  • Multi-touch support enables a range of gestures and touch interactions to be integrated into user experiences.
  • Multicast networking, enabling Enterprises to lower the cost of streaming broadcast events such as company meetings and training, interoperating seamlessly with existing Windows Media Server streaming infrastructure.
  • Content protection for H.264 media through Silverlight DRM powered by PlayReady.
  • Output protection for audio/video streams allowing content owners or distributors to ensure protected content is only viewed through a secure video connection.
Download Microsoft Silverlight 4 RC

For interested software developers, you can download Microsoft Silverlight 4 RC from here.


Source: Microsoft