Firefox Twitter Experiment

Mozilla is experimenting with Twitter. Support at Mozilla (SUMO) is planning to reach out to Firefox users with social network monitoring, initially with Twitter, to help them with their Firefox browser problems.

Twitter Logo
Mozilla plans to start with 2 out of 3 objectives with social network monitoring that include reaching out to users who need help, using little snippets that could solve their problems, and prevent browser issues from becoming viral by intercepting and channeling to SUMO if help is not possible in the social network.

Their other objective, which is "monitoring twitter to extract information about current status of Firefox" and act upon that information, will follow only after a test run is performed and the needed tools become ready.

Experiment details have been made available at the Mozilla Wiki page for Support/Social Media since mid March. Read the plan by clicking this link.

The project doesn't have a name yet. Whether the experiment is an add-on or a standalone app is also not clear. I guess we'll have to wait until April to get some more information about it.