End of El Niño in Mindanao?

EL Niño's end? The rains in Mindanao have been going on for four days. The rains, sufficient enough to water the soil that has been dry for months, fall mostly during the early hours in the evening.

I was in Bukidnon since Thursday and went home to Davao just today. On my way home, I had a short conversation with the taxi driver and he told me that scattered rainshowers occur nightly in Davao since Thursday. My mom from a Davao province informed me through text that tonight there's a heavy rainfall in our hometown.

I hope for more rains in the coming days with the prayer that the El Niño phenomenon in Mindanao, which has caused damage to crops, the water level in dams to drop, and the annoying rotating brownouts that greatly affected the economy, will already end.

El Niño no more means no regionwide cloud seeding that costs billions of pesos, eh?